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Osho on Mother duty in Child Upbringing

Question : How can I fulfil my duty as a Mother?
Osho : Don’t think of it as a duty. One tends to think of it as a duty sooner or later, and the day you think of it as a duty, something dies, something of immense value disappears; the relationship is broken. Think of it as a celebration. The child is a gift from god. Be respectful to the child… not just loving but respectful also. If there is not respect, then love becomes possessive; if there is respect, how can you possess? You cannot possess somebody you respect. the very idea is ugly, disrespectful.
To possess a person means to reduce the person to a thing. And once the child is your possession, you are burdened. then it is a duty to be fulfilled, and then mothers talk for their whole lives about how much they have done.
A real mother will never say a single word about doing, and not only that she will not say: she never feels that she has done it. She has enjoyed it; she is obliged to the child. It is not only the birth of the child: simultaneously you are born in a new way, the mother is born.

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